'Running Is Great Because It's So Simple,' Says Guy Wearing $1,170 Worth of Gear


A self-described "running junkie" has declared that he loves the sport for many reasons, but mainly because of its simplicity.

"Running is brilliant," local runner James Polk announced after a trail run Tuesday evening, pausing to stop his $400 GPS watch. "It's great because it's so simple."

"You don't need a lot of stuff," he added, unzipping his $150 lightweight thermal vest with stowable hood. "Just a pair of shoes and a road or trail."

Polk said he got into running about two years ago, after nearly a decade as a dedicated cyclist.

"That was nuts," he recalled. "You had your bike, of course, and shoes, helmet, pumps, spare tires, extra wheelsets, trainers, power meters... It just got to be too much, you know?" 

Running, he said, provided a welcome relief from the complexity and expense of cycling.

"Running is elemental," he said. "We were born to run."

"There's something primal about that," he said, stowing his $115 sunglasses in a mesh pocket on his $90 hydration pack.

He gazed at the sky, closed his eyes, and breathed deep.

"It's all about remembering what's important," he said.

Polk paused to remove a pebble stuck between his $130 trail shoes and his $14 socks.

"I ran six miles today," he said. "Just me and nature. How awesome is that?"