Personal Trainer Performs Emergency Core Work on Man in Distress

Merrill Stubing, 74, was taking his daily stroll through the park yesterday when he felt tightness in his chest.

“Suddenly it was hard to breathe,” Stubing said. “I knew something wasn’t right.”

As the pain worsened, Stubing stopped and bent forward, clearly in distress.

Luckily for him, Isaac Washington noticed. The 27-year-old personal trainer sprang into action, performing emergency core work until a team of fitness magazine editors arrived. Washington guided Stubing through a series of basic moves, including planks, jackknifes, jerk twists, and cracker jacks.

“I didn’t even think, bro,” said Washington. “I just acted on instinct. It was pure adrenaline.”

A mobile unit of fitness editors arrived within minutes, administering KT tape and superfoods before transporting Stubing to a nearby gym. Stubing’s core is in stable condition, according to a gym spokesbro.

Experts lauded Washington's quick thinking.

“(Stubing) is lucky to be alive,” said Adam Bricker, president of the National Association of Personal Trainers. “From what I’ve heard, it sounds like the gentleman’s core was dangerously weak.”

For his part, though, Washington insisted he’s no hero.

“I did what any personal trainer would do,” he said. “You’ve gotta have a strong core.”