Ball Heavy

An area ball is heavy, Dumb Runner has learned.

"Heavy," said Aaron Copland, 32, the man who picked the ball up during a "high intensity" exercise class at a local fitness center.

The ball, covered in black leather and approximately 18 inches in diameter, did not appear to be heavy at rest, witnesses told Dumb Runner. But then Copland bent down to heft it.

Wow. Heavy.
— Aaron Copland, fitness enthusiast

"Wow," he said. "Heavy."

"Ball heavy," he repeated, for emphasis.

It wasn't the first time Copland had picked up something heavy. Other heavy objects he's lifted include kettlebells, weight plates, smaller humans, and thick ropes. He once encountered a tractor tire, he said, but was unsuccessful in his efforts to lift it. Instead, he said, he had to be content flipping it over.

"Tire heavy," he recalled.

Copland said he intends to put the heavy ball back down soon. After that, he said, he'll likely pick it back up again.