Betty Crocker Enters Sports Fuel Market With 'Endurance' Frosting

Betty Crocker, the baking mix and packaged goods giant, has introduced a line of canned frosting aimed at the endurance sports market.

Betty Crocker ENDURANCE is available in six flavors, including Butter Cream, Chocolate Fudge, and Mocha Espresso Lemon. Each spoonful contains 23 grams of carbohydrates, according to a company spokesman, and "other dynamic nutrients to help you deliver peak performance."

"We are pumped to be breaking into this exciting new market," said Reed Rothchild, Betty Crocker's SVP of Sports Nutrition. "Our ENDURANCE canned frostings are scientifically designed to keep your energy levels high. And to be easily spreadable."

"Yes You CAN!" he added, using the brand's advertising slogan.

Betty Crocker's move comes shortly after another well-known brand unveiled its own entry into the sports nutrition market—Morton, the nation's top producer of salt, introduced a line of "electrolyte crystals" just a week ago.

Runners accustomed to carrying small pouches of gel on their runs may find the product's size daunting—it is sold exclusively in 12-ounce cans—but Rothchild says he's confident that they will adapt. He notes, for instance, that the cans fit most commercially available bottle holders.

Makers of traditional sports gels expressed skepticism.

"We are dubious," said Jack Horner, president of the National Association of Sports Gel Manufacturers. "Betty Crocker's new offering appears to be nothing more than a sweet, viscous goo whose 'carbohydrates' are basically sugar. Nothing like our own products."