Passerby Realizes He Can Just Waltz Right In to Post-Race Tent and Start Rubbing Strangers

A local man was delighted to learn that he could “just walk right in” to a marathon finishers’ tent and rub strangers’ bodies, no questions asked.

Cameron Poe, 32, a social media consultant, was walking his dog Sunday near his home in Connaire, Idaho when he noticed the large tent in a park. Curious, he said, he drew near and realized it was full of runners who had just finished a marathon—including dozens waiting for a post-race massage.

“As a man who enjoys touching people,” he said, “it was like striking gold.”

Because there was no fencing or other barriers, Poe said, and no security staff nearby, “I just walked right in, grabbed a towel, and found an empty massage table.”

After that, he said, the rest was easy.

“I looked at the guy at the front of the (massage) line, smiled and waved, and he walked right over.”

Poe spent nearly an hour caressing total strangers before leaving.

“What can I say?” he said. “I enjoy touching people. Always have. Old, young, men, women, tall, short… It doesn’t matter to me. So this was really fun.”

A few runners even tried to tip him, Poe said, laughing.

“I thanked them, but declined,” he said. “I told ‘em, ‘No, no—it was my pleasure.’”