Man on Massage Table Not Quite Ready to Turn Face Up, If You Know What He Means

A local man getting a massage is not prepared to roll over just yet, Dumb Runner has learned.

Dave Starsky, 29, began the 60-minute session at Prakriti Massage on his belly, a witness said. It was around the halfway mark, shortly after the therapist had used long, slow strokes to work warm oil down his hips, that she asked her client to flip over so that she could "work on (his) quads."

— Dave Starsky

"Umm..." Starsky said.

"Maybe work my shoulders again for a few minutes?" Starsky asked his massage therapist, a 26-year-old woman named Kari. 

According to the witness, Starsky explained that his shoulders had been "super knotty" lately due to stress and "work stuff." 

"In fact," he said, "maybe let's just skip my front altogether this time. It's fine."

Starsky appeared lost in thought as his shoulders were kneaded, it was reported.

"This might sound weird," the witness said, "but it looked to me as if he was thinking about baseball."