Man on Quest to Run 1 Marathon on 1 Continent in 1 Day

For most runners, a 5K or 10K race is plenty long enough. Others step up to the half-marathon—13.1 miles of nonstop running.

For one local man, even that isn't enough of a challenge.

Instead, Patrick Bateman, 26, is on a quest to run a full marathon. On one continent. And—in a final, devilish twist—he intends to do it in one day.  

Bateman is calling his quest "The One-One-One" and said he's seeking sponsors to help defray the costs.

It won’t be easy.
— Patrick Bateman

"It won't be easy," he said in a recent interview. "I'll need shoes, fuel, a new iPod Nano. Those costs add up, and not having to worry about money will really help me focus on my training."

A self-described "avid runner," Bateman said he typically runs three or four times a week.

"Nothing crazy," he said. "Maybe four miles at a time or something like that."

He added that he should probably look into some sort of training plan or something, noting that he expects the training to be grueling.

Bateman said he hasn't yet chosen a race, but is eyeing something late this fall.

"The continent will most likely be North America," he said.

"I'm already here, so, you know."