Message Board Poetry: 'Running (Jogging) Data'

Daniel Holtzhouse,

Daniel Holtzhouse,

Readers, we are delighted today to introduce a new occasional feature we're calling "Message Board Poetry."

What we hope to accomplish here is to help put a little poetry in your lives, by taking posts that we find on internet message boards and forums and tweaking their line breaks so that they become poems. (That's how poetry works, right?)

Our inaugural entry, by "Gtsaki," comes to us via

"Running (Jogging) Data Appears in Random Times, Mostly When I'm Sleeping

I recently noticed
that some random Running
info is added
under my exercises section

without being true!

Most strange is that when I enter
to see details
under the 'impact on you day' area it
constantly adds calories and active minutes
but no steps!


Often the timing of those records
are during the night