Stroll-a-Jog Recalls 150,000 Jogging Strollers

Stroll-a-Jog, manufacturer of strollers designed for running, is recalling 150,000 of its models, the company announced Monday. The move is in response to several reports of Stroll-a-Jog strollers malfunctioning or "behaving in a troubling way." 

No deaths or serious injuries involving the strollers have been reported, the company said.

"We are taking this step out of an abundance of caution," said company spokesman Dwayne Schneider. "The safety of our customers, and their children, is paramount."

Here are the concerns that prompted the recall:

  • The stroller's front wheel, when locked in place, may become unlocked at high speeds, causing the stroller to wobble dangerously.
  • Some "D-Star" model strollers (model number TK-421) may include snack trays that become jammed, trapping your child in the stroller forever.
  • In a direct rear-end collision, the stroller's gas tank may be punctured, raising the risk of an explosion.
  • In temperatures above 80 degrees F, children in the stroller may spontaneously begin shrieking in German.
  • When fully reclined, the seat in the "Rawk-n-Roller" model stroller (model number OU 812) may cause occupants to gradually lose consciousness. 
  • Due to a manufacturing glitch, some models may have been shipped with loaded handguns.
  • The removable pads on the stroller's harness straps may become detached mid-run, lodging in your child's throat.

Stroll-a-Jog owners should take their strollers to the nearest certified Stroll-a-Jog dealer for evaluation and possible replacement, Schneider, the company spokesman, said.

"Carefully," he added.