Dumb Runner is Mark Remy, a runner and writer in Portland, Oregon. He has written four books about running plus a dumb training journal, and is a columnist and writer at large for Runner's World. As executive editor of RunnersWorld.com, he led the website to a 2008 National Magazine Award for General Excellence Online. He also wrote the popular Remy's World column for RunnersWorld.com from September 2007 to May 2015; it continues in the print edition, but with fewer flatulence jokes.

He was written for a bunch of other publications, too, and won awards and stuff.

Mark has run 27 marathons, including eight Bostons, with a PR of 2:46. Since you asked, his half-marathon PR is 1:16 and his 5K PR is 16:29. All of those times are from 1999.

Sometimes Mark feels very old.


In November 2015, Mark launched Dumb Runner, "an online destination for runners who enjoy laughter and pie." Because why not?

That's Mark in the Dumb Runner logo. He had that mustache some time ago... for about five minutes. But now it is preserved for all time. Because his wife can't make him shave his logo.

For more, visit markremy.com.

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