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Trump: Jackson Would Have Broken 2 Hours in Marathon

President weighs in on recent Breaking2 attempt.


5 Moments When Eliud Kipchoge Blew His Chances for a Sub-2:00

At Saturday's Breaking2 attempt, a series of rookie mistakes add up.


Runners Hit 'Breaking2' Marathon Expo

Elites grab their race packets and enjoy free CLIF samples.


BREAKING: Nike Scientists Create 1:59 Marathon in Test Tube

A laboratory setting affords "absolute control over every variable."


EXCLUSIVE: Nike Is the Mystery Company Behind 'Breaking2' Effort

The footwear maker had hoped to keep its support quiet


Mystery Woman Emerges From Pond on Nike Campus, Warns Against 2-Hour Marathon Quest

Wild-eyed doomsayer says 2-hour barrier must not be breached.


Acme Unveils Sub-2:00 Marathon Shoe

A company known for anvils and giant magnets goes up against Nike and Adidas.